10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Fashion Consultant

Do you often find yourself dealing with wardrobe dilemmas whenever you’re picking an outfit? Or perhaps you feel that your closet is a mess and needs to be improved. If so, you might want to consider hiring a fashion consultant – a professional who helps you rethink your closet and figure out what works for you. Today, personal fashion consultants aren’t just for the affluent or celebrities. You can now affordably experience a personalized wardrobe revival.

Whether you are looking to revamp your closet and achieve a new level of professionalism or you just want to redefine your style, a fashion consultant can help you out. Personal stylists have a keen eye for fashion and the experience needed to transform or even uncover your style. Sadly, hiring your first personal stylist is not easy. While a fashion consultant can get rid of your wardrobe dilemmas, you need to be extra cautious when hiring one or you could end up spending thousands of dollars for nothing. Here are the things you need to consider when hiring a fashion consultant.

1. Work With An Experienced Consultant

When hiring a personal stylist, be wary of fashion consultants without enough experience. It’s imperative that your work with someone who is both talented and experienced. Someone who has worked in the fashion industry for a while will be able to help you interpret your style and create a wardrobe that inspires. Moreover, an experienced consultant knows the industry’s ins and outs and hence brings more to the table.

2. Consider The Budget

Never forget to talk about money. How much are you able and willing to spend on a fashion consultant? Never play a guessing game when looking to hire a personal stylist. Instead, carefully assess your financial position before you start looking for a consultant. When you have a number in mind, feel free to communicate your needs upfront with the fashion consultant. With a budget, a professional personal stylist will provide a concise plan for your wardrobe makeover.

3. The Fashion Language

Which fashion language does your stylist speak? Are they adept at professional outfits or modern chic styles? When hiring a fashion consultant, make sure that you speak the same language regarding fashion. While consultants bring fresh closet ideas, it is imperative that they hear and understand your wardrobe needs. A professional stylist will never impose a style on you but instead will strive to help you notice what you couldn’t and uncover a unique style just for you.

4. Consider The Process

Whether you asked your friends for recommendations or you searched for fashion consultants near you, make sure you consider their process. Which steps does the consultant take to help improve your closet? Which services does the consultant provide? Does the stylist do the shopping for you? Are they available in case of wardrobe emergencies? Make sure you know the consultant’s policies before you make the call.

5. Ulterior Motives

Always look for ulterior motives. When hiring a fashion consultant, make sure to check that their recommendations are not biased or profit-driven. Your consultant should base their wardrobe recommendations on your interests, lifestyle, and personality, not on commissions they earn from local or online retailers. Work with someone who will shop anywhere as long as the outfits flatter the client and enhance their closets.

6. Personalized Services

Fashion has never been a one-size-fits-all, what works for another might not work for you. Whatever your style, a professional fashion consultant will use your skin tone, body size, and shape as well as your personality and lifestyle to help create a personalized style for you. Every outfit should be able to inspire self-confidence. However, unless your consultant really knows you, that can be difficult to achieve. Hire a fashion consultant who invests in truly knowing and understanding their clients.

7. Reputation

Is your wardrobe doomed? It’s okay; it’s nothing a fashion consultant can’t fix. However, before you hire, find out about their reputation. How do they handle clients? Are they known for exceeding the budget or exceeding customer expectations? Do your research and read reviews and testimonials from customers regarding personal stylists. Pick a consultant that has not only direct experience in the fashion industry but also offers excellent customer service.

8. Personality

When looking for a reputable and experienced fashion consultant, you want to work with someone you can talk to and share a joke or two. Fashion is very intimate, and if you can’t know each other, then enhancing your look can be a joyless journey. A friendly consultant will make communication easier which will help you find your perfect style. Fashion is about fun, enjoying the moment and feeling good about yourself. A consultant with a great personality will make things interesting.

9. Comprehensive Services

Transforming yourself into a fashionista needn’t be a daunting task. You only need to find a professional fashion consultant who provides comprehensive services. In addition to wardrobe consultations, work with a personal stylist who offers personal style advice and personal shopping services. This way, you can take care of all your fashion needs under one roof.

10. Make Sure They’re Updated On The Latest Trends

Fashion consultants build their careers on staying current and updated. They keep up with the latest fashion trends. Your stylist should always have their ears on the ground on what’s in and what’s out regarding fashion. While an outfit might be an excellent fit for you, it might be from a bygone era. A fashion consultant reviews your wardrobe and tosses what’s not needed. An expert stylist will declutter your closet and help you keep the most flattering outfits that suit your style and personality. Keeping up with fashion trends is what makes your unique style shine.

Do you always find yourself battling with your wardrobe every time you need to pick an outfit? Fashion consultants can be handy when it comes to closet wars. They help you discover your style and make it possible for you to walk into any room feeling great about yourself. Hire the right fashion consultant for a carefully curated wardrobe.

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