A Message For Fashion Designers and Store Owners Who Are Facing A Challenge With Merchandising and Sourcing…

“Don’t Waste Another Second Of Your Time Struggling To Eliminate Your Merchandising and Sourcing Headaches!

Carrie Freedman has over 30 Years of experience successfully fixing merchandising and sourcing problems for dozens of leading fashion designers and boutique store owners!” 

With Carrie’s Help, you will SOLVE your merchandising and sourcing issues, and:

  • Define a vision congruent with your market needs
  • Recognize trends in style and fabric
  • Carry items unique to your Store’s Image
  • Attract the right customers and clients to your business


Dear Fashion Entrepreneur,

Imagine getting your customers exactly what they want, when they want it; having unique styles and fabrics at profitable investment costs, and creating a list of prospects wanting to buy from you in as little as 60 days, with virtually no additional effort on your part!

Sound impossible?

Hi my name is Carrie Freedman, I’m a Fashion and Retail Consultant with Merchandising and Sourcing expertise.

I have been helping fashion designers and boutique stores achieve remarkable results for 30 years, mainly by effectively eliminating merchandising and sourcing problems.

Simply put, I take an entire different approach!

I focus on vision and strategy, market research (trends in style and fabric), store front displays and accessory complements, and as a result you will attract the right customer to your store, both via your front door and online( e-commerce!)

For Fashion Designers my focus will be solely on getting them back to full-time design while restructuring areas of merchandising and sourcing that can be a draining source of talent, time and money.

…and I can do the same for you!

As a fashion and retail consultant who specializes in Retail Management, Merchandising and Sourcing and E-commerce solutions for your industry I can help you eliminate the wasting of resources and money that poor merchandising and sourcing can create if not done properly.

Most of those business are now enjoying better results in the form of increased sales and internal savings, as a direct result of my recommendations.

Here’s How I Approach The Merchandising and Sourcing Issues That Are Causing Your Business To Waste Time, Money and Resources!

Over the years, I’ve examined Merchandising and Sourcing from every conceivable angle, and have found the most efficient and effective way to resolve it.

And what I’ve discovered through all of my research is that to be truly successful in putting an end to waste and inefficiencies — and start enjoying some profitability– you need to treat these areas of your business not as independent elements but as an intricate part of your overall strategy and vision. Something seldom applied by Boutique Store Owners and Fashion Designers.

And that’s the proven approach that I’ll use for YOU!

I’ll Find The Best Solution To Fixing These Issues And Then Show You EXACTLY How To Implement a Turn-Around Strategy.

When you engage with my team and I, you’ll get a complete and detail operational business audit, along with a full set of recommendations you can implement yourself, in order to put an end to the loss of time and resources and get back on the black.

As I said, I’ll get started by doing an overall assessment of your Store, such as inventory, best practices, pricing, assortments, merchandise flow, supply chain management, in-store experience and store layout and design!

If you are a Designer the process is the same but focused on time-recapture, vision and trends in style and fabric.

Once I’ve finished my work, and I’m ready to make my recommendations, I’ll deliver a report on the following:

  • Positively address Scope of work issues
  • Improve the store survey process
  • Lay out the right strategy for launching your in-store initiative
  • Suggest and provide management and leadership directives
  • Design a scalable merchandising program
  • Improve moral and enhance team work in store’s culture

These are Results You Can Count On, Backed By 30 Years of Business Experience and Training!

When we work as a team, you’re not only getting an experienced and certified expert who can help you overcome these common merchandising and sourcing choke points, but you’re also getting a focused and dedicated professional who will work to produce measurable and tangible results.

Primary focus will be on:

  • An effective assortment strategy
  • In-store experience program –create an appealing ambience, clean and inviting feeling to customers
  • Plus a full assessment of your online strategy

Does Hiring A Merchandising and Sourcing Consultant Make Financial Sense?

D you think that hiring a consultant to help you elevate your game is an expensive proposition?    I think you’ll be surprised how affordable it actually is…

I think you’ll find my fees to be surprisingly affordable — even if your business is small, or you’re just getting started.

And I’m certainly more affordable than the cost of ignoring the growing merchandising and sourcing issues altogether, and then having to deal with even BIGGER issues down the road, which by that time will have grown more difficult and expensive to deal with!

Don’t let your business suffer because of inadequate merchandising and sourcing practices. Contact me today, and find out how easy and affordable it can be to get my help to take your business to the next frontier!

So don’t delay success …and Stay Fashionable!




As a result of working with Carrie Freedman as your personal Merchandising and Sourcing consultant you will get:


  • A leaner and as a consequence a more profitable retail business- expect sales to jump shortly after!
  • A business with a solid foundation that’s now ready to implement aggressive marketing strategies- many times marketing fails because the business is not ready for it…
  • You will have more time to devote to revenue-producing tasks instead of management-driven tasks- at the end of the day is revenue-action where you need to spend your precious time!


And she can do this in a much shorter time frame that you are probably anticipating!

Measurable results can be achieved within 60-90 days.

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