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The Art and Science of Retail Management

Get All The Tools and Strategies You Need To Permanently STOP Your Frustration With Ineffective And Mediocre Retail Management Habits That Lead To Poor Business Results!


Only 47% of retail business are still operating after 4 years of opening their doors. In the fashion retail sector the rate of failure is 60% over the first five years.

The three main reasons for this are: incompetence, lack of managerial experience and lack of experience in managing lines of goods and services (inadequate inventory and lack of knowledge of adequate suppliers)

If your store’s business retail management practices are ineffective and unproductive, then how can you focus on the things that actually make your business grow, like Innovation Marketing and Sales.

…and here’s where my team and I come in!

Hello, my name is Carrie Freedman, and I’m a retail management consultant specializing in helping Boutique Store Owners and Fashion Designers increase their sales through effective Marketing and smart Retail Management Strategies and Tactics.

If you are a successful store owner and entrepreneur, chances are you see yourself as a visionary and you want to test and implement ideas that will take your business to the next level, believe me I can relate.

But you face the same challenges we all do!

A race against the clock, tighter margins and fierce competition. You then default to cutting corners in the back-end, and start doing busy-like-work instead of revenue-producing-work.

In other words, you forget the basics.

That’s not anyone’s fault, certainly not yours… the demands of today’s business pace and incredible amount of pressure to produce results are staggering even for successful boutique retailers such as yourself.

The outcome is inevitable …you lose focus and stop strategizing, planning and executing, meanwhile the competition continues to chip away at your local market share.

“If I could only focus on what matters in my business, on what I’m really, really good at!”

…a statement many clients have voiced to me recently.

I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN!

With a little structure, guidance and reprioritizing, you can get back to what matters.

Here’s how working with an experienced retail management consultant can help you manage your business into submission and be more profitable:

In order to maximize profit, maximize investment, and minimize cost and inefficiencies,

we will work in the following areas:


  • Develop a motivated and knowledgeable staff that’s inspired and working for your vision –don’t ever underestimate your floor assets, they can make or break your business when you turn your back!
  • Produce a scalable and manageable inventory procedures implementation –Get this wrong and your business will collapse under its own weight!
  • Stay on top of current local and global fashion trends that will make your store stand out from the rest of them
  • Choose the proper POS system for sales reporting –an underrated yet essential aspect of your business
  • Improve Customer acquisition, engagement and follow up, and increase your sales as a result!
  • Improve your store’s “Look and Feel” by creating weekly creative and compelling ideas for floor changes, window display set ups and general shop upgrades making it irresistible for someone not to curiously stroll into your store!
  • And other areas …


All of the above factors as a whole work in sync with not only your vision but the perception you want your customers to have of your brand.

As a result of working with a retail management consultant on the above mentioned areas of your business you will get:


  • A leaner and as a consequence a more profitable retail business- expect sales to jump shortly after!
  • A business with a solid foundation that’s now ready to implement aggressive marketing strategies- many times marketing fails because the business is not ready for it…
  • You will have more time to devote to revenue-producing tasks instead of management-producing tasks- at the end of the day is revenue-action where you need to spend your precious time!


And we can do this in a much shorter time frame that you are probably anticipating!

We can achieve these results within the next 60-90 days.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Consultation and let’s find out if we are a good fit for each other!


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